Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday wonders - X

X always marks the spot on a treasure map.   I would put some of my X's on...

my happy home...and everything that goes with it.

another beautiful grand-daughter (a quick iPhone photo)...gotta capture that smile!

the memory of how the sun reflected through the hole in this cave in Monument Valley...this was a huge rock formation and we could hear voices of people talking in the cave as though they were beside us. 

the beauty of where I live - even in the fall and winter when it rains and the leaves fall.

the most welcome cup of tea ever...enjoyed at a little table right on the pavement by a busy Dublin street.  I was so overwhelmed with all the things I'd seen, hot and getting just a teensy bit cranky.

and my Dad's primroses that are some of the first bloomers of spring.

A very few of my treasures -my map is covered in X's.


ladydragonfly said...

I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog and have given you an award. Please pick it up here.

Ginny said...

Your granddaughter is beautiful!! And look at all the hair!!! Wonder if that hole can be climbed through?

EmptyNester said...

Such wonderful treasures! And that new little one? I just want to squeeze her she's so dang cute! I bet everyone you know would put one of their x's on you!

Anonymous said...

Like you being happy, dear bloggerfriend :) We don't need millions of Dollars, no way :-D
Have a great week!

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Lovely pictures. I came across one of your comments on my blog during the A-Z challenge and decided to come and pay you a visit!

Duncan In Kuantan

Rudee said...

Your grand-daughter looks so sweet and she's dressed to the nines! Pretty in pink, indeed!


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