Thursday, October 27, 2011


Oh, I love fiber.  Yarn, fleece, fabric and wool for hooking rugs.  I love the feel of it...just having a pat of an exotic fiber is a treat.  And I love the taste, too.

Yes, I like to eat fiber.  Not the ones above but all kinds of high-fiber foods.  I credit them with enabling me to shrink from a 2X to a size 12 in a year.  I credit them with lowering my blood pressure.  I just feel a whole lot better with fruit, veg, nuts and seedy stuff.

My favorite way to start the day is with a bowl of All-Bran.  Yes, I do love the taste and the chewiness.  I add flax-seed, sliced almonds, a generous shake of cinnamon (mmm....cinnamon) and fresh fruit.  Right now the Bartlett pears are just perfect.  Or maybe  some raisins if I'm too lazy to cut up the fruit.  Occasionally pumpkin seeds  if I have them.  But right now I have a bone to pick with Kellogg's.

Maybe several bones.  One:  why don't they make economy sizes of this product?  You can buy anything else in warehouse-sized boxes.  So, why not?   Two:  what's with the stupid inner bag that I can't ever open without tearing it and leaving ragged edges which don't pour well?  I have opened a lot of bags of cereal in my life and this product is consistent.  It's impossible.  And, three:  why do we have to have almost 4 times the amount of salt added here in Canada?  Trust me, it doesn't help with the taste.  In fact, it would be better on all counts if it weren't there at all.  But maybe some is needed for preservation or something.  But if the US product can manage with .65g per 100g - why do we have to have 2.15g?  Just sayin'.

That's my rant.  I know I can get jumbo-sized boxes of the buds and flakes but I don't like them.  So there.  I could probably store my cereal in some plastic container so it was easy to pour but why should I have to do that?  And, salty as it is, I still love the fiber.  I guess I'm one of those captive consumers.


Angela Felsted said...

I like fiber too, especially cereals like bran flakes. I heard somewhere that doctors came up with cereal, and that it wasn't until later when companies tried to make them more appealing that so many of them had a lot of added sugar. Who knows.

Farm Girl said...

I have gripes about products like that all of the time. That is amazing you lost so much weight eating more fiber. I really like your hooked rugs. I drew out two rugs yesterday. I need to get to them now.
You know when my grandsons said things that my kids said it just amazes me. My grand daughter is so much like her Momma that it is sometimes just like having her back when she was two.
So you don't miss coffee at all? I drink tea in the evenings but I think I would miss it so much.
It is nice chatting, I hope you have a nice week.
I liked your wishing post. I think that is true we must always keep dreaming.

Rudee said...

I like All Bran, too, but never paid much attention to the sodium levels. I love to make bran muffins with this cereal.

Paws on the Run said...

Their strawberry bran bites are the same - itty bitty boxes only. I can go through a box in 3 or 4 days sometimes! But at least the bag opens nicely. :)

Ginny said...

You can't get anything without salt in in anymore, it is PERVASIVE!!! I went to the hospital cafeteria to get my sick friend a dinner that would be close to homemade, and they were slicing a turkey, I thought this would be great!!! Turns out it was way too salty, they had injected it with saline solution!!! Why Canada has more is really a mystery!

Maria said...

Next time we go south to buy school shoes I'll have to get Shreddies for us, and All Bran for you :)


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